Changing Course 
A celebration 
A manifesto











CHANGING COURSE is a social impulse which aims to stimulate our individual responsibilities and to remember the ways of a truly human social life. It recognises that social threefolding is approaching us, on a horizon, able to be reached according to our own strivings.


The CHANGING COURSE MANIFESTO is born out of the wish to bring to consciousness the root of and reason for all renewals implemented by Rudolf Steiner in different aspects of society after 1915 (ie. education, curative education, biodynamic farming, medicine, the arts, religion). All these renewals are preparing us, through strengthing our capacities of thinking, feeling and willing, to be able to implement the threefold social order.


Date: 12th March, 2016.

Location: Sylvia Brose Hall, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 5a Glenroy Ave, Middle Cove. 

Time: 7 pm  (no charge)



People connected with Glenaeon - past and present - and others, will be presenting artistic pieces on the theme, and there will be a panel for questions and answers


Welcome and thanks.


1. Solo soft melody/ lyric music- and Victor Hugo on French Revolution                ---William                   


2. Two  short poems ( with or without eurythmy) on  being human                 --- students of eurythmy       


3. Choir                                                                                          -- Glenaeon alumni Choir     


4. On Work - Kahlil Gibran                                       --Phillippa and Wolfgang music


      Panel - q.&a On Work                                       --- Phillippa, Karla, Malcolm,Graeme

5. Music                                                                  Piazolla trio : Betham, Wolfgang,William


6. On Crime and Punishment- Kahlil Gibran                  --- Rodney.            


     Panel - q&a on crime and punishment                    --- Phillippa, Karla, Malcolm,Graem


7. Choir                                                                    ----  Glenaeon Alumni Choir                  


8. On buying and selling-K.G                                        --- Brianna, Year 11 student at Glenaeon


    Panel - q &a on buying and selling                             ---  (William music)                                


9.   Choir                                                                    --- Glenaeon Alumni Choir          


10, The great dictator speech                                         --- Patrick, ex-Glenaeon student    


         Panel on war in the threefold social order                  ---(William music)                 


PAUSE - 10 to 15 min or no pause depending on time (fresh drink only)


11. MUSIC-Social life manifesto song                             --- William        


12. Storytelling "Matchmaker"                                --- Neil -  teacher at Glenaeon       


13. Choir                                                            --- Glenaeon Alumni choir                                  


14. Network speech                                              ---Toby - Glenaeon Year 12 student       


Panel q& a on previous theme (media manipulation and social depression)   (William music)                  


15. Music                                                                --- Wolfgang                                  


16. Public --- clapping time for all performers together


17. OPEN DISCUSSION FOR WHOEVER WANTS TO STAY LONGER WITH Q&A PANEL...till late...tea/coffee if desired....


For more information please read the Changing Course Manifesto. For additional information on the threefold social order click here







Changing Course 
A celebration 
A manifesto