Conversations concerning the threefold social order take place between Rudolf Steiner and Richard von Kühmann (German Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Prince Max von Baden (later, in 1918 briefly Imperial Chancellor). Steiner meets with the German ambassador to the USA to discuss the threefold social idea.


Otto von Lerchenfeld (a member of the Bavarian Royal Cabinet) and Ludwig von Polzer-Hoditz meet Rudolf Steiner in the summer of 1917 to discuss the peace process and perspectives for the post-war world. Polzer-Hoditz discusses the threefold idea with the Austrian Cabinet and the proposal is sent to the Austrian Emperor. 



In March 1918 following the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Rudolf Steiner begins to lecture publically on Threefolding.


Emil Molt, Carl Unger and others wish to start a popular threefold social movement together with Rudolf Steiner. In November, various committees are founded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



In February Rudolf Steiner holds lectures in Switzerland, on the basis of which the book The Threefold Social Order iswritten. In April the book appears in print and sells 30,000 copies in the following months. Besides this, speeches are given to the employees of Daimler and Bosch.


On 5 March the article of Rudolf Steiner „Aufruf an das Deutsche Volk und die Kulturwelt“ (Appeal to the German People and to Civilization) appears in a number of daily newspapers and also as a flyer.


On 22 April the „Bund für Dreigliederung“ (Association for Threefolding) is founded in Stuttgart.


From July onwards, the weekly publication „Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus“ “Threefolding the Social Organism” is published by the Association with Ernst Uehli as editor. The Swiss founding of the Association for Threefolding takes place and the newsletter “Soziale Zukunft” (“Social Future”) appears in Switzerland edited by Roman Boos.


On 19 August Rudolf Steiner places the emphasis of the movement for Threefolding on the free spiritual life with the founding of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, and he holds the lectures for teachers.



On 17 March, the company „Der kommende Tag AG“ (The Coming Day”) is founded in Stuttgart for the furthering of economic and spiritual values with Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt among other are its directors. Connected institutions are: Klinisch-Therapeutisches Institut (Ita Wegman Clinic) and the pharmaceutical production company in Stuttgart, the Waldorf School, the publishing company of the “Kommende Tag”, the institute for biological research of Lily Kolisko and some agricultural companies. Through the postwar inflation of 1922/23 financial difficulties begin to arise and in 1925 the company was liquidated.


On 16 June the company Futurum AG was founded by Roman Boos and Emil Molt. The pharmaceuticals company, Ita Wegman Clinic (then known as klinisch-therapeutisches Institut) in Arlesheim, the Publishing Company at the Goetheanum together with the Goetheanum weekly newssheet were incorporated with it. There were other companies that were bought up.



Founding of the newspaper “Die Drei”, a monthly newssheet for Anthroposophy and Threefolding with editors Ernst Uehli, Egen Kolisko (founder) et al. 


At the request of Storrer, Rudolf Steiner held an introductory course in Public Speaking for speakers on Threefolding.



Ita Wegman withdraws the Arlesheim pharmaceutic manufacturers (later Weleda AG) from the organization. In 1924 the Futurum AG is dissolved.


In July the Association for Threefolding („Bund für Dreigliederung“) is transformed into the “Association for a Free Spiritual Life”.



The company “Der Kommende Tag” is dissolved and the successful enterprises like the Waldorf School, Weleda and the Institute for Biological Research continue independently.


from "History" on the website of the Section of Social Sciences, the Goetheanum.